Today’s Eye Tip: Allergy Eye Drops

Apparently, this will be a pretty bad Spring for allergy sufferers.  If you take eye drop medication, whether it be prescription (Pataday, Alocril) or over-the-counter (Alaway, Zaditor), there’s a way to make sure you get better results.

1-Refrigerate the drop.  Keeping it cold will feel nice on the eyes and reduce the redness and swelling better, like a cold compress.

2-CLOSE your eyes GENTLY for about 1-2 mins or more if possible.  Lots of folks just drop it in and run off.  You’re not giving the medication a chance to spread around and absorb into the tissues.  It’s like spitting a pill out after you take it.

3-Start taking the drops before symptoms start, if possible.  And be consistent with taking the meds.  Use your phone as a reminder.

These tips can help with other drops as well, such as artificial tears.

-Dr. Dennis Cheng.

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