An eye exam is just the glasses prescription, right? Wrong.

I’ve lost track of how many patients feel an eye exam is ‘just checking the prescription’.  There is so much more to it than the prescription.  We check for signs of early systemic and ocular disease, track current ocular conditions and ailments, treat acute problems like bacterial infections and corneal abrasions, ensure proper development of a child’s eye, and help the aging eyes continue to see clearly and comfortably.

The next time you get an eye exam, think about this: Does a dental exam only involve a cleaning? Does your yearly physical only involve weight and height measurements?  As health care professionals, we are want people to understand the importance of preventative care.  If your last exam lasted 5 minutes, perhaps consider finding a place that will conduct a more thorough exam and be more open about your personal and family medical history and social history.  That exam may cost a few more bucks, but isn’t your health worth it?  I hope so.

Dr. Dennis Cheng

dc optics, 390 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn.


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