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Can I use any contact solution? No, and here’s why…

We have discovered the importance of using specific contact solutions with specific lenses. Back in the day, people would use whatever solution was on sale and few patients had any particular loyalty to a specific solution. Those days are gone.

Now, it’s very important to use the right solution for your lenses. Studies have shown that certain combinations of contacts and solutions have potentially harmful reactions that can affect the health, comfort and clarity of your eyes. On top of that, generic solutions often contain disinfectants and preservatives that may be harmful to the surface of your eyes. I’ve seen many patients who thought their contacts were bad or their vision was worsening when in fact they were reacting to using the wrong solution! Imagine using the wrong detergent for your laundry or washing your hair with Comet dish cleaner.

So, be sure to ask your Optometrist about which solution is best for your lens. You can also avoid these problems altogether by switching to daily disposable contacts.

-Dr. Dennis Cheng
dc optics
Learning is seeing.


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