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3 Ways You’re Destroying Your Eyes and How to Change


The other day I wanted to send my patient out for a surgical consult to fix his damaged corneas.  He had been using his 2 week contacts as a 3-month contact and depriving his eyes of oxygen, resulting is rampant new blood vessel growth on his corneas. He also used Duane Reade contact solution and never rubbed his contacts.  Fantastic.

So don’t be like him.  Here’s some things you can change right now to save your sight:

1) Rub them!  That contact lens solution isn’t magic.  If it were, the soap industry would’ve picked up on it.  Hey, look!  No-scrub dish soap and scrubless shampoo!  Rejoice!

2) Buy brand name solutions, not generics.  It’s proven that the brand name solutions are better and safer than generics.  And no, I don’t get a kickback.  Ask your eye doc for the best one for your lens.

3) Wear them less!  How would your feet smell if you wore your shoes for 18 hrs a day…EVERYDAY?!  Take 1 day off a week and keep it under 14hrs a day, if possible. Remember to change them regularly too since they lose their integrity and breathability with time.

Hope you make these changes and take better care of your eyes!  You’ve only got 2 of them.

Dr. Dennis Cheng

dc optics

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